Friday, December 08, 2006

The Michigan Difference...It's all about space

As a historian, I like anniversaries, and I want to celebrate a small but significant one in Michigan football of the greatest moments ever...I present to you

"Space, bitches. Space."

I loved this ad before. It was different from most university PSAs that run during college football games and I loved the use of the fight song. Then HSR correspondent Dave pointed us to this link, and well, it made it all the better. It also lead us to the glory that is Every Day Should Be Saturday, one of the single best college football blogs out there and living proof that we do not hate Florida fans!

Orson, Stranko, we thank you for giving our cadre of Michigan fans a catchphrase to know, use, and love, and for providing us with an exceptional read from an outsider.

Just one question: Can you make it into a shirt? And if not you guys, can we do it?

(P.S.: In looking back, learning that the command module is orbiting the earth the wrong way is a bit of a downer.)


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Now featuring clicky clicky.

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Oh for Christ's sake.

Nevermind then.