Sunday, September 02, 2007

Black is white, up is down

Buried in the hysteria, the smug, self-satisfied mockery, and the hindsight-based smarm of every comment thread on every UM blog today comes this, from Calvert at Maize n' Brew:
What the events of today should have shown to everyone is that the perceived dominance of the BCS conferences is nowhere near as great as those conferences and their media spokesmen want you to believe. The gap in talent has been shrinking at an alarming rate. It was only a matter of time before a title-caliber BCS conference team felt secure enough, as Michigan did this year, to put a top non-BCS conference team on their schedule and have it bite them in the ass. Michigan, the Big Ten and the BCS conferences actually started believing their own propaganda, forgetting that dominance isn't something that is given to is something you have to earn every single day. Oklahoma forgot that in January. The Wolverines forgot it today and they will be paying the price for their incompetence and arrogance for a very long time.

The Appalachian States, the New Hampshires and the Boise States of the world can no longer be treated with contempt, scorn and ridicule by programs that simply assume are their betters without being asked to prove it on the field. The Mouse has Roared...and it is far too late to call the exterminator.

"I could have conquered Europe, all of it, but I had women in my life."

Also, the drum major dropped the goalpost toss.

Beat the Buckeyes.


Unknown said...

Also, what was up with the band director making the band play while we were at the line of scrimmage on offense? Just their sound alone, let alone them leading a cheer for the students, is something our offense shouldn't have to deal with at home. I know once a lineman jumped offsides while the band was playing. End the music once we break the huddle. Period.

And the drum major needs to practice the goal post toss a lot this week.

Jeremy said...

I agree, but that's just him learning the ropes. It's hard to figure out the timing at first. It's easier to let the cheer finish instead of awkwardly and abruptly cutting them off.

Unknown said...

I noticed they didn't play Thunderstruck on the PA this time.

Geoff said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. I think their mix was all new. I was glad we didn't get Lenny Kravitz's "Dig In" again, but I missed "Thunderstruck".